Allied Health

Department Chair

Dr. Jay Avenido


Senior Time for Senior Care Volunteer Opportunity

Resources for Research

Mayo Clinic


World Health Organization

Resources for Students

All Nurses Forum

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Nursing Career Guide (
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Medical Assistant Programs

1. Provide a brief description of your department and list the programs within your department?

The Allied Health Department prepares students to be successful in the medical field. Programs include Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, Health Care Administration, Bio-Medical Equipment Technology.

2. List possible jobs opportunities/ career opportunities for each program.

  • Doctors offices
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Cancer Registries
  • Chiropractic Offices

3. What are the job responsibilities and duties?

  • Patient (customer) service
  • Patient Education
  • Laboratory skills (Phlebotomy, Urinalysis, EKG, etc)
  • Trouble shooting skills
  • Dosage Calculations
  • Communication skills with patients and doctors

4. How do you become successful in the field?

  • Continuing education
  • Experience (perfecting skills)

5. What are the current and future trends?

  • Increase need for bio-med students
  • Retail pharmacy
  • Electronic medical records
  • New diseases requiring  new treatments (H1N1)

6. What is the certifications requirement in this profession? Is certification a requirement for graduation or job?

Medical Assisting – Certified Medical Assisting

Pharmacy Tech – Certified Pharmacy Tech

7. Please add additional questions/responses important to your department/program.

  • Club information: Meets weekly, very active, Participates in many activities (Fundraising activities).
  • Co-op/externship programs: Externships done at doctors’ offices  and hospitals.
  • Field trips to children’s hospital’s pharmacy department.


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