Audio Visual Production

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Doug Yeager



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Audio Visual Production FAQ

1. Provide a brief description of your department and list the programs within your department.

The Audio Video Production Program provides graduates with skills to create effective and aesthetic content for audio or video media projects, enabling them to enter audio or video production careers. Programs within my department include:

  • Associates of Applied Science: Audio Video Production
  • Diploma: Audio Video Technician

    The AVP Associate Degree graduate is prepared to seek such positions as assistant audio editor, lighting assistant, grip, production assistant or manager, and media generalist. Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Conceptualize, plan, execute, and deliver an audio and video production.
  • Apply peer and professional critiques in the articulation and justification of aesthetic decisions.
  • Apply business principles and practices in the media industry.
  • Perform as ethical professionals in the field of study, exhibiting sound reasoning and effective communication in an increasingly diverse world.

The Audio/Video Technician diploma provides its graduates with the skills necessary to seek entry-level positions in audio and video production in business and industrial communications, audio and video production within independent production facilities, and radio and television commercial and promotional production.

2. List possible jobs opportunities/ career opportunities for each program.

Audio Video Production is a career fields where many are independent contractors who freelance.  Independent production companies seldom keep a large number of people on payroll.  Instead, they contract freelancers as needed when a project goes into production.  The broadcast industry on the other hand, hires full and part time employees.  In recent years, digital technology, automation, and robotics have limited studio broadcast job opportunities.  Most broadcast audio video production jobs are field/location positions in ENG (Electronic News Gathering).

  • Production Assistant:  Field assistant log shots, pull cable, help caterers, move equipment, or run errands.  Office assistants help Production Managers and production accountants with research and recordkeeping.
  • Assistant audio Engineer: (AKA 2nd Engineer) assists studio recording engineers.
  • Boom Op/Sound Mixer: Captures sound elements at a video shoot.
  • Camera Op: Operates video camera equipment.
  • Grip: Specializes in moving, setup and maintenance of video lighting.
  • Production Manager: Oversees pre-production organization and planning.

3. What are the job responsibilities and duties?

Job responsibilities vary by level of expertise.  For instance, a video editing assistant would be responsible for capturing video into a computer, managing the files and computer hard drives.  A grip would have very different technical responsibilities, including knowledge of lighting equipment, basic electricity, and the physical ability to lift and move the equipment.  Strong oral and written communication skills are a duty of any audio video production position.

4. How do you become successful in the field?

The key is networking and making your abilities known to professionals.  Keep an up-to-date demo reel and portfolio.  Attend conferences.  Have a web presence (My Space, Facebook, Linked-in, demo postings at You Tube or When opportunities arise, you must be ready for them.  When you work a job, be dependable, get there on time, be aware of project needs and intended outcome, and know your role.

5. What are the current and future trends?

Current and future trends are mobile media.  TV, radio and movies on the internet, iPod, 3G, etc.  Audio Video programming will be on demand.  No one will sit around wait for a show to come on; they will watch what they want, when they want.  The user will personalize their play list.  The networks will have to offer subscription services.

6. What is the certifications requirement in this profession? Is certification a requirement for graduation or job?

There are no certifications.  For some of the technical jobs it helps to be a member of a union or guild.  The importance of membership depends on geographic location.  In Cincinnati, it is not that important.  In Hollywood, it is a necessity.

7. Please add additional questions/responses important to your department/program.

  • Club information: The AVP Club actively produces audio and video projects throughout the year, allowing students to get real world hands-on experience.

      Success stories:

  • Rudy Harris, video editor with Zone Communications Group, Owner Rudy Harris Photography.
  • Aaron Rogers, owner S.O.O. Music, Promotions Coordinator with BMG Promotions in Indianapolis.
  • Phil Jones:  Video Engineer, WKRC 12.

8. Coop/externship programs:

    AVP has externship agreements with most of greater Cincinnati’s Public Access Television stations.


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