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Basic Program Information:

  • 15 month program.
  • Prepares student for Licensure as a Practical Nurse.
  • Students must pass a national licensure exam (NCLEX) to obtain licensure from state board of nursing.
  • Cincinnati 1 of 4 Ohio campuses: Findlay (main), Cincinnati, Akron, North Canton.
  • Background checks and drug screens required at certain levels of program.  If potential student divulges background suggest the student should meet with associate administrator.
  • Approved by Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) as branch of Findlay campus and ACICS.


  • No entrance exam, therefore grading scale set higher than other programs.  80% considered passing.  Anything less than 80% is F.
  • Academic standing will be reviewed four times throughout program.  Student must meet expectations outlined in college catalog and PN handbook to avoid dismissal.
  • Clinical experience in multiple areas of healthcare:  long term, rehabilitation, acute care, pediatrics, and OB.
  • Clinical starts in 5th month.  Clinical component just as important as theory component.  Gives students a chance to practice skills.
  • Medical information due prior to start of clinical rotation.
  • In some classes if clinical is missed results in failure of course.
  • Practicum as last course- NUR 2900.  Required to complete 80 hours working one on one with nurse in healthcare setting.  Must also pass NCLEX style comprehensive computer exam.
  • Tutoring offered by all instructors, 30 minutes of group tutoring per week and individual as needed.
  • Required to wear uniforms for clinical and lab testing.
  • Required to wear scrubs to class beginning in PN 1030.

Special Consideration:

  • Nursing PROFESSION.  PN students held to high standard of professionalism, such as timeliness, dress, language, behavior, work ethic, etc.
  • Abundance of required reading.  To be successful need to read, attend all class hours, and use available resources such as tutoring.


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