Michelle Holbrook

You suck what happiness I have left right out of me

I sit and wait knowing I’ll be saying goodbye soon

But I have a small piece of hope she won’t go

That hope soon goes as I see the tears fill their eyes

My life just turned dark and my sky is now gray

The light that was left in my life has slipped away


The days go by and you’re still not finished with me

You are sure to come back and see there is no more light

You take every feeling I know away to leave me numb

Taking my will to breath out of me without a fight


I feel my life going away without the will to fight

I tell myself it’s time to go and not deal with you anymore

The wind starts to blow and I know it’s them telling me it’s okay

The sun beams down and they tell me to smile again


The days are still hard but they make it okay

You thought by taking them you also had me

December I’ll never forget you and your evil way

But only do you know that you made me stronger

They may be gone but always will they be in my heart


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