I can’t remember

Tawanda Brice

Can’t remember what it was like being in love.
Can’t remember the energy, the essence or the feeling.
I see you from afar and I want so much to reach out and grab you
but I don’t know what your response would be, so I wait!
I can’t remember the language spoken, that only you and I understood.
can’t remember your smell after making love all night, only to wake up
and began again. I can’t remember the last time you held me so close,
that your breath moved, through me
I can’t remember all that it took, just to let you know how I felt.
everything in me trembles at the sound of your voice yet, disappears,
as you drift further away. I know I need you and miss you. My heart beat hasn’t
been right since. All I can say is, you sealed my love with a passionate kiss, that
is still with me today!!!!


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