Not Myself

Anna Marie Brake

I fell among my thoughts Searching for an answer.

I dared not to speak it And kept it among myself.

What reason should I do this? What goal should I obtain?

It hurts to go further And too late to turn back.

My mind as blank as a pillow, My thoughts all run on a stream.

Uncertain of the consequential Falling through with the wrong.

Two days with the unthoughtful lie That burns within my reach My vulnerable mask is peeling away From the loss of reason for my deceits. He came to me in certain hope Yet scared to think it real.

Pressured to act within the mask He drove myself to shame.

Inexpressible as my mind was, I stared with a sorry heart, Trying to reach an understanding I kept close to the next thought.

As the facts ran out in the open, His look in a normal state.

Brought upon my confusion An unexpectedly side of him Came to comfort my shame. He closed me up in his arms Making it all go away  He left me with the unfailing hope That seemed to never be He came to me, then went away, That seemed to never be In shock of mind, I lost my hope Yet scared to look away And so I go on, with changing self All for him, one day.


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