BMC Poetry Contest

Voting begins today! We invite BMC students and faculty to vote for their favorite poems until Wednesday April 27th. The first prize winner will receive a gift certificate to the BMC bookstore for $50.00, and the second place winner will receive a gift certificate for $25.00. If you have further questions, please email abigail at the email address above. Please note that effort has been made to preserve the writer’s original formatting for each poem.

We thank Academic Advising for providing the gifts for this contest.

Entry #1 Everlasting Love


I finally found my true love,
He is such a gift from god.
We fell in love on the first night,
It was certainly love at first sight.
I remember when we first held hands,
Right then I knew he’d be my man.
I also remember our first kiss,
His sweet lips brought me to such an emotional bliss.
He is such a gift to my heart,
I know we’re never gonna fall apart.
I also know we’re gonna stick with each other until the end,
He is truly my best friend!
I’m so blessed to know this man,
and that he finally asked for my hand.
The two of us have planned life,
to walk always as man and wife!

Entry #2 Until


‘Twas a fairy tale beginning

Dreamt the perfect dream

Found the perfect dress

Wore the perfect ring

Tender touches

All smiles together

Couldn’t get any better

We’ll be together- forever

Snap back to reality

World won’t stop spinning

This is more than a battle

…nobody’s winning…

Angry words

Broken glass

More tears


Picking up the pieces

Down on my knees

One last coat of paint

Turn in the keys

Lying awake at night

I’ll keep falling apart

At least ‘til they make band-aids

That  fix broken hearts.

Entry #3 The angel I never thought I’d meet

The angel I never thought I’d meet


I could not believe my eyes

This woman looking lovely as I sigh.

I walked over and set down my books

Because of the long walk I had took.

I always need some excuse to talk to a female

Because the truth of all my stories I cannot tell.

My day was peaceful but hot so right

I was having something happen on the inside like a fight.

My spirit that is true and strong

has gotten weaker and wants to do wrong.

But this angel if she is or not

Had given my spirit the strength it had not.

To be truthful I could not believe it at first

As I walked more I started to think the worst.

This can’t be true or correct

Several hours of no disrespect?

Talking about God and a class I hate

But this was all part of my fate.

She sensed it or was told by God

The same things as I or was it a fraud.

I found out later that it could not be

It was just God’s way of helping me!

No more great people I can take in my life

God’s surprised me by saying one day I would find a wife.

They way I act and the things I think

Go away and begin to sink,

Back to where they belong

With a fast trip to the depths of hell like a ping pong.

This woman can’t be

a girl on the right path similar to the one God has given to me?

Kids I use to despise

And filled with hatred were my eyes.

Look away I always did

Because I was not a happy kid.

Don’t get me wrong my parents loved me

And gave me what they thought I needed you see.

I am meant for something great

This is not different from other’s plate

But they could not know I needed more

Because they were just kids, this I know for sure.

The angel reminded me that my past is

What it is you see, not this.

To pick us up God must knock us down

As each generation grows sounder.

She may not see herself as I do

Even though she speaks as well she does.

This angel I helped her

I don’t see how this could be most talking I do is a blur.

That most could care less

Even if it could help them out their mess.

We both knew the truth we spoke

And decided to leave with a wave no joke.

A firm handshake as well saying “See you soon!”

Both happier and joyous than a man on the moon.

We both had our spirits so high

Both wishing we could fly.

And I know I did all the way home

To the crumb snatching liabilities that I can’t leave alone.

She has two of her own

two girls no son.

That made my day on the great Monday.

It was the beginning of my week that’s all I have to say.

Entry # 4 What is it?

What is it?

What is it, that compels me to turn the other cheek, when I know, the world considers being meek as weak. Or what is it, when I’m dealt a hand of hate, my heart plays love and doesn’t hesitate to set the table with a full plate of the best that I’ve got, all the way to the tip-top, breakin’ down barriers like a chop-shop, Keepin’ it movin’ cause I don’t understand stop, And because I’m able to adapt to any situation You can call me flip-flop.

This feeling keeps me solid under pressure and over time crystallizes me into a diamond rock, that can break the glass which allows me to move forward from my past, This feeling is a love that I’ve never had, No Strings Attached, No-Pain necessary with No need to Lie. This is the True Love I get from the Most High! And once you’ve had the best there is no need for the rest, But don’t take my word for it put it to your own Test!

Entry #5 Too Young to Die

Too Young to Die

I cannot believe the article I read today.

A baby went to take her nap, then she died.

I Dropped onto my knees; just had to pray.

Didn’t know what else to do so I cried.

Her mother says she put her down for nap.

She went to wake her but she was face down.

But babies don’t just die; this is such crap.

So now this is the talk of our small town.

All this news is too much for me to take.

I cannot seem to understand this horrific news.

I need something to do, I might just bake.

Or maybe go to church and sit in the pews.

This child of three will never now grow old.

She was buried yesterday in the ground so cold.

Entry #6 My Angel’s Iris

My Angel’s Iris

My angel’s iris- blue as the pale sky

Lines of cherry licorish just below

Fiend for her gentle touch- I can’t deny

With each soft kiss, does my love for her grow

Ma ange, une fille, tellement parfait (My angel, a woman, so perfect)

Gorgeous, inside and out, body and mind

From my angel’s arms, I shall never stray

For I have found her love one of a kind

On the day we are wed, I will take her hand

Together we’ll walk this journey called Life

Children she will bare, by her side I’ll stand

Through the blessings and hold her tight in strife

For her I was created, her for I

In blue eyes I lie, ‘til I meet pale sky

Entry #7 The Knife That Bleeds

The Knife That Bleeds

Watch as I drag this knife of pain across this wretched skin.

Gaze at the blood that drips from this wound.

Take a glimpse into my eyes as I pull the knife of pain up my arm.

See that the rush of blood is like a release of lost emotions.

Listen to the soft drip of my blood as it drips into the darkness.

With that drop of blood watch as that blood take shape in the form of emptiness.

Lure the emotion away from this wretched body for it’s a curse to the veins.

Realize that while you stand there in shock he’s slowly slipping away.

Know that he no longer knows what it feels like to be loved.

For time has made his heart cold and solid as a rock.

Witness the pool of blood at his feet runs from his stained body.

Watch as it grows into something horrible.

Tremble in fear of touching him in hope of saving his pitiful soul.

Taste the bitter existence of his being.

Look at him in hate and disgust.

Grow to see that love, happiness, and all other feelings carries nothing but pain and misery.

Can you wrap your hands around him to keep the blood from flowing?

Entry #8 Tree of Life in Holy Night

Tree of Life in Holy Night

Here the flames of a greater source consume me.  Here in the darkness of my depravity.  Where angels tread and sing of a LORD close by.  I am without the wisdom of futile men, rather I am within the Holy place.  Here I stand on a river inflamed by love, where I am filled with knowledge of the Most High.  Grace and Glory enshroud me in a cloud of Holy light and my spirit takes flight while my being surges with power.  Before my sight the scrolls are opened, the words moving by the token of faith.  Enlightenment embeds itself into the fertile essence of my being.  It seeds itself and grows into an internal tree of life with branches of light.  As I cultivate the presence of the Holy one and fight the rebellious ones fruit is bore from my internal tree of life.  And men come and eat the fruit till they desire their own.  By their eating they have tasted of the LORD of all who has beckoned them from the fall.  They then pray and say that Jesus Christ is Lord as they are pierced by the sword of the transformed scroll.

Entry #9 Demon Inside

“Demon Inside”

Dark inside its cave
Hidden to the world
Eyes a burning red
Soul a merciless black
Created out of hate
Captured by the body
Trapped by the soul
The host suffers
Unable to escape
It won’t retreat
Determined to destroy
Slowly draining the life
The swords won’t hurt it
The villagers don’t scare it
As the light slowly fades away
Any sense of hope disappears
The host simply gives up
Admitting defeat
Falling to the floor
Writhing, screaming, crying out

Entry #10 A Drink of Words

A drink of words from a paper dispenser that could easily quench that which thirsts your mind; an elixir of exotic proportion if that is what your taste buds may require of it.

It may dull your senses if it’s potency is rather drab in it’s foundation; for even some of the best grapes fall to the ground unrecovered.

Acquire a taste of this and you may see things in a whole new light; but if your self-indulgence becomes too much things that you are afraid to see may appear.

Deep in color like a strong red, or soft in texture like a finely aged chardonnay; no matter the meal on your table I am the main course that fondles your appetite.

When dinner guests have retired to their own homes I remain upon their lips; I can change the mood of any given situation if you allow me into your temple.

Understand that I am not an illusion or a magic trick, I am real; intense as you need me to be or as discreet as you may desire of me.

Passionate in any aspect that could imagine the word, I am that as well; part your lips and open your mind to me as I introduce myself to your conscience.

I am poetry..

Entry #11 In Search Of You

In Search of You

At times in life, when I stop distressed,

To find my wounds, lying undressed;

And pain is all that I can feel,

With no one around, to get me to heal.

At times in life, when I do tire,

Whose company do I admire?

I search  in vain, for a lap to lie,

If not that, just a shoulder to cry.

At times in life, whom do I blame?

When fate plays a nasty game.

Best friends turn bitter foes,

And leave behind a string of throes.

At times in life, when everything’s good,

And I am sitting back enjoying life

And my kids are getting bigger

With whom do I share this ample joy?

At times in life, when I’m trudging along,

With no one to whom I can belong;

I need nothing, but love that’s true,

Which is why I am, in search of you!

Entry #12 Mothers, I See

Mothers, I see them every day, in every way, shape and form/Colors of all, big and small, looking to reform/Getting back on the right track, searching for some answers/Daddy’s gone, left them all alone to fight this world and take their chances/Babies of new, some not even two years old and having no clue of what the future holds/Carriages roll and Mothers stroll into a day that seems unclear/Mothers, brave enough to listen to the fuss of the little one’s displeasure/Hectic it’s true, sad and blue, hanging onto sanity’s last string/Wedding bells, flowers, and a ring many Mothers were probably promised to recieve, but instead came him, to lie, cheat, and decieve/Things may have been different, if daddy was gifted to uphold and stand by his actions/Responsibilities grew and the little one did too!, but daddy seems to be the infant/Mother is strong from yearout and all day long, we know this from conception till birth/What makes matters worse, is that the system doesn’t work, and sometimes the thoughts of abandonment may come into play/Please, remember Mother dear, that your love brought me here and love keeps us strong/One day I’ll grow-up and finally shut up and make you proud of me/Until that day comes, I pray to God to safely keep me, and in return maybe daddy will learn his true responsibilities/

Entry #13 Sadness Creeps

Sadness creeps into my heart, hopelessness rips me apart.

Gloomy thoughts of leaves long dead, as confusion runs wild inside my head.

Loneliness greets my waking eye. Confusion again hides reasons why.

A hidden face, that’s out of place, is taking the lead and winning this race.

Pain goes deep beyond belief, running wild there’s no relief

My body is dead inside my head from seeing the red of the tears I bled.

Loneliness the morning after, no trace of joy, no smile, no laughter.

No flowers bloom, no lovely moon, just visions of rooms occupied by doom.

Negativity surrounds me in every way,sucking up all hope, tearing my life away.

Sucks out my breath til there’s none left

See without breath what’s left? DEATH

Entry #14 The Stone

The Stone

A broken soul, a hollow wall,

An emptiness within.

Tear-stained face, A mother’s disgrace,

This sin-filled life begins.

Dance upon the wooden floor,

feel the pain, the world no more,

Light behind a hidden door,

No one shall hear your cry.

Relief comes rushing through the veins,

A hazy reality engulfs the brain,

Just one more link in the chain,

Who shall save you now?

Life comes crashing to the ground,

The world around you, upside down,

A heavy heart begins to pound,

Darkness claims the light.

A broken soul, a hollow wall,

The emptiness has grown.

A mothers pain, her daughters name,

Carved into the stone.

Entry #15 Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

Everything happened so fast

I didn’t  have time to prepare

How could you leave without telling me goodbye?

How could you die? Why didn’t you survive?

Everyday is a struggle

Everyday is a battle

Everyday is a reminder

Until we meet again …..

I cant wait to see your face

You are the one who can’t ever be replaced Heaven..what’s it like?

I cant wait to take that flight

Everyday is a struggle

Everyday is a battle

Everyday it gets harder …….

Only, until we meet again…

Entry#16 Addicted


I am hopelessly addicted,
I am unable to focus most times, I day dream of it.
I wake up and its thee 1st thing on my mind,, or damn near it.
I fall asleep thinking about it !
If it was able to be purchased, I would go broke buying every bit I could !
For every hit of it I have ever had,  it only gets worse and worser.
But damn, it makes you smile, it warms your heart, it makes you light on your feet even, you feel giddy, young at heart everytime, it consumes you entirely !!!
Yes I am addicted !!
I pheen for you !!
I will do anything for you !!
But damn,,,, you evade me I cant seem to get you close anymore, you run and hide from me it seems.
What did I do to you to make you leave me ??
I want you back !
This time to stay forever !!
I want to wrap my arms around you and never let go !
I will cherish every moment, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT !!
I will always do and give my best to you.
I want you and me to soar to the heavens and stay there.
I will never take you forgranted !!!
I am without a doubt in my mind nothn without you… With you I am everything !
What we have together is unique to us, yes I do see you with others…. And I am jealous, I want you back, sorry but I am selfish !!!!
I need you, I miss you !!
I see you everywhere I go, every corner I turn, in the mall, on tha street, in the grocery store etc…..
You give yourself to everyone these days but me!!!!!
I am mad, I even swear under my breathe at you.
But its because I miss you sooooo much, I am lost, for I do not know why you wont look my way anymore??
Tel me what must I do , and I will for you.
I dont want you to come and leave again.
Because everytime you leave you bring me to my knees !!!
I only wany you to be with me 1 more time, just 1 more hit, give me your best !!!
Look into my eyes ,,, I ask you …. Are they not Sincere ?????
I will look into yours FOREVER, I DARE NOT BLINK , I couldnt stand to lose you !!!!
Im in love with you, yes there it is , I said it !!!!!!!!!



Entry #17 I Say To You My Beloved

I say to you my beloved, my dear, that you

You, you are my pulse

My heart beats loud and clear

It is lost in my translation

I long to wrap you in my arms

Run my hands over your hips

Up your chest to rest on your neck

My fingers gently wrap around your beat

Thump, thump you beat in time with mine

Slowly you leave me and I squeeze harder to hold you

Gazing into your beautiful, devoid, and lifeless eyes

You say goodbye as you slip from me

In the gray of the day you slip away

Ahhh my love, my life, my heart, and my soul

What shall I do with you now?

Entry #18 The Coffee Cup


In this coffee cup  as the morning hours are near,

The time for work, singing,and playing are near.

In this cup the birds are singing, outside the

Flowers and grass springingly abide.

In this cup there’s lots of sights , the

Mind takes me through its very heights.

In this cup in my waking hour now is time

To take lifes shower.  In this cup is what  I see.

In this cups , my cup of coffee.

Entry #19 The Love Inside of Me

The Love Inside of Me

I was blessed to have something precious

To grow deep in the inside of me

The doctor confirmed what I have known all along

That there was another life that is dependent upon mine

As the weeks goes by, I noticed the changes outside as

my body expands with the life inside and that very first

Kick and movement what makes this event so grand

Although my feet will swell, and my voice will wail

From the discomforts of morning sickness and pain

But through it all, I will keep my resolve to bring forth

this new life with motherhood being the ultimate gain

Many women would give their soul to have something

to have and to hold , a precious life that will always

be a part of you, and you will be a part of throughout life

When that blessed day comes, and you do not know if it will

a daughter or a son, your heart beat with labored anticipation

On the battlefield of the delivery table, one must muster the strength and

The  courage to be able to bear forth the fruit of the womb

As that first breath of life is a bellowing wail as I look upon it

with the joyful tears that came from the love inside of me.

Entry #20 Hamlet Poem

Hamlet Poem

Hence, Hamlet’s father doeth come

From the depth of the forest

Thru woods and forest, and trees; thereof

Tis’ a ghost upon a horse!  With armour is near

To roam eternally on earth, Oh! Dear!

With blood, boiling, gurgling, anger within his soul!

Oh revenge! Oh revenge! Is his purpose to be!

For the murderous brother who poisoned thee.

Shalt thy commence the son to avenge me?

Oh! How terrible would this deed be.

Wherefore? should I feel guilt, for sending forth my son

Shalt he take my brother’s life for my life?

Shalt he be a murderous scoundrel?

Will it not solve anything by killing my brother?

I have much anger, much hostility

Oh! Why? Oh! Why? Did my brother forsake me

Is not blood thicker than water?

Had I lived, I would have enjoyed all the pleasures

With dancing feet, and much to feast

Dance and be happy!

Drink and be merry!

Kiss and love intimately

Instead I am left, with my spirit roaming

The darkness of forest, woods and trees

Sticks and leaves

Dirt and Ground

Trapped in a suit of armour

Upon a wretched horse, life gone away from me

Here lies my grave; here lies my grave

Entry #21 No Regrets

“No regrets”.

Life is what you make it, but you gotta be strong. This journey that god leaves us is oh so long. Walk with your head high and never be afraid to cry. You’ll run into disappointments, you’ll make bad mistakes that’s not worth it. You’ll fall in love with a person who really doesnt deserve it.

On my journey in life I’ve  learned so much. I’m only 25 and I’m already a mother of 4, but if I could give it back I still would take it. If I could do it again I still would make it.

My decisions in life I don’t regret, but when I look in the eyes of my children I know success must be met. I’m stronger then you can imagine and braver then you could think. Sometimes I cry at night knowing its 4 precious lives that depend on me. With god on my side I know I have to move on.   For my journey in life has only just begun.

I took a few wrong steps and I even ventured off, but now I’m back on track and focused on what I want.

I sit and think about my past. People who betrayed me, The mother who never saved me, The love of my life who beat and rapped me, I’m left with this empty hole that’s soon to drive me insane.

Learning what I’ve learned and taking a few wrong turns have all made me the amazing, and strong  woman that I’ve become!

Staff Entries

Pretty Words

(or Magnetic Poetry)

Drink Sweet Spring Rains

Poetry comes from a box

Silent Violet Deep

Arrange your words well

Orange Grunge Crumbs

Who said it had to rhyme?

Blue Moon Dune

Where did “That’s” go?

Undercover Bear

(for Gwendolyn)

A Teddy Bear with attitude

Peeks out from under the blankets—

She is an undercover bear

From the back yard

To nursery school

She has seen the World.

Root beer, never shaken,

Never stirred

She fights the Bogey-man and

Defeats the Dark

Hugs are her weapon of choice

In her owner’s secret service.


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