Effective Research Assignments

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  1. They are clear, easy to understand.
  2. They are relevant to course goals.
  3. They specify the source materials to be used.
  4. They are feasible, both in terms of the library’s resources and the scope of the topic chosen.
  5. They are designed with and/or previewed by librarians.
  6. They have been tested by instructors before being given to students.
  7. They have been broken down into a series of shorter, sequenced tasks or assignments.
  8. The assignments are linked closely in time to instruction.
  9. They are appropriately challenging.

10.  They encourage students to use the library for their own needs and apply what they have learned in your class to further their personal and academic goals.


Course Number_________________________

Course Name_______________________________

Instructor Name/Contact Information_____________________

Librarian Name (your subject specialist)/Contact Information__________________________________________

Title of Research Project_________________________________

Type of Project (oral presentation, typewritten paper, power point presentation, poster, etc.)

Description Numbered for easy reference



1 Journal article – from E-Resource Databases

2 Book – Library Catalog

3 Web Resource – Cincinnati Library ;  or evaluate website using:

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Or, Why It’s a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources


UC Berkeley – Teaching Library Internet Workshops


Cornell University



Timeline Confirm topic with instructor by:____________________

Confirm resources with librarian by:____________

Rough draft conference with classmate by:______________

Final draft to instructor by:__________________________

Format Spacing: Double

Font: Times New Roman

Font size: 12 point

Margins: 1 inch on all sides

Citation style: APA (NO either or; one or the other)

In-text parenthetical references: Yes______    No______

Length: 3 pages minimum – Not including title page and reference page (APA) or works cited page (MLA).

Online Writing Help Owl Purdue – Purdue, ie. APA, MLA style guides, Plagiarism, Grammar.

Penalties Numbered for easy reference

See syllabus

Value of assignment 100 points


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