Faculty Services

You are welcome to schedule time in the library with your students.  Call Ext. 1595 or e-mail Jon jscharf@brownmackie.edu or myself mmoon@brownmakcie.edu to reserve from 1 to all 20 of our computers and/or tables at the main campus library. Call Ext. 1596 or e-mail Abigail abacon@brownmackie.edu or Dee dmcguire@brownmackie.edu to reserve from 1 to all 21 computers and/or tables at the Norwood campus library.

Please e-mail or put a copy of your assignments in the library mailbox.  This information will help me to:

Help your students find resources when they come to the library to work.

Determine what resources to purchase for the library that will support your curriculum.

Welcome to Brown Mackie College!

ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

Faculty members can find all the items listed below plus additional rubric samples on the shared drives of both admin and student side under “Research Assignment”.

Information Literacy for Faculty and Administrators

Characteristics of Effective Research Assignments and Research Assignment Template

Your subject librarians:

Head Librarian Melanie Moon, 513.672.1595 mmoon@brownmackie.edu

Early Childhood Education

Legal Studies

Practical Nursing

Allied Health (including Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, Surgical Technology,

Health Care Administration and Management)

Assistant Librarian Jon Scharf, 513.672.1595  jscharf@brownmackie.edu

First Quarter Studies

General Education Classes

iPad Champion

Veterinary Technology

Assistant Librarian Dee McGuire,  513.672.1596 dmcguire@brownmackie.edu


Audio Visual Production


Information Technology (including Bio-Medical Technology, Computer Networking/

Database, Office Management, Architectural Drafting and Design)

Professional Development


This Website is provided “as is” for a public service to the educational community.  Use of information from this website is voluntary and at the discretion of the viewer.  BMC Library Cincinnati provides links to many websites that we do not control, maintain, or regulate.  EDMC and Brown Mackie College disclaims any responsibility or liability for the services or information herein.


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