Library Policies

It is easy to avoid overdue fines by renewing and returning the books you borrow.

Books and magazines can be checked out for two (2) weeks.

You must present valid identification (driver’s license or student ID).

You can renew five (5) times for up to ten (10) weeks total.

Items can be renewed by phone, email,  and in person.   A reply email will be sent to confirm the renewal.   Send your email to   Items do not need to be with you to renew them.    Items can be turned in or renewed at both the Main Campus and at Norwood.  You can call either library (Main: 513.672.1595 or Norwood 513.672.1596) to renew books. 

Overdue charges of ten (10) cents per day per item will accrue until items are renewed or checked in.  Overdue fines must be paid before checking out additional items.

You are responsible for any items that you have checked out and you will be charged replacement costs AND overdue fines for each item lost or not returned.

If you think you have returned a book, the librarian will be glad to do a shelf check to confirm its return.

Students with fines and lost item charges will have a hold placed on their accounts and transcripts.  Fines and replacement costs can be paid at either bookstore.

If you have any questions: PLEASE ASK ANY LIBRARIAN.  Not reading or understanding these policies is not an excuse.  Our head librarian, Melanie Moon, is the final arbiter of these policies.

Copier Service:  $.10 per page legal or letter size


The Library’s information technology resources, including email and Internet access, are provided for educational purposes. Adherence to the following policy is necessary for continued access to the Library’s technological resources:

Students must

  1. Respect and protect the privacy of others.
    • Use only assigned accounts.
    • Not view, use, or copy passwords, data, or networks to which they are not authorized.
    • Not distribute private information about others or themselves.
  2. Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources.
    • Observe all network security practices, as posted.
    • Report security risks or violations to a librarian or network administrator.
    • Not destroy or damage data, networks, or other resources.
    • Conserve and protect these resources.
  3. Respect and protect the intellectual property of others.
    • Not infringe copyrights.
    • Not plagiarize.
  4. Respect and practice the principles of community.
    • Communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful.
    • Report threatening or discomforting materials to a teacher.
    • Not intentionally access, transmit, copy, or create material that violates the College’s code of conduct (such as messages that are pornographic, threatening, rude, discriminatory, or meant to harass).
    • Not intentionally access, transmit, copy, or create material that is illegal (such as obscenity, stolen materials, or illegal copies of copyrighted works).
    • Not use the resources to further other acts that are criminal or violate the College’s code of conduct.
    • Not send spam, chain letters, or other mass unsolicited mailings.
    • Not buy, sell, advertise, or otherwise conduct business, unless approved as a class project.

Consequences for Violation. Violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of a student’s privileges to use the College’s information technology resources.

Supervision and Monitoring. College and network administrators and their authorized employees monitor the use of information technology resources to help ensure that uses are secure and in conformity with this policy. Librarians reserve the right to examine, use, and disclose any data found on the library’s information networks in order to further the health, safety, discipline, or security of any student or other person, or to protect property. They may also use this information in disciplinary actions, and will furnish evidence of crime to law enforcement.



This Website is provided “as is” for a public service to the educational community.  Use of information from this website is voluntary and at the discretion of the viewer.  BMC Library Cincinnati provides links to many websites that we do not control, maintain, or regulate.  EDMC and Brown Mackie College disclaims any responsibility or liability for the services or information herein.


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