Required Readings for Research Assignment Workshop

Required Readings


The Research Assignment Workshop

November 5th, 2010

Submit 3 paragraphs using “Requirements for critique paper” criteria below to Melanie Moon by November 30, 2010.


Required formatting:

  • 12 point font (Arial, Times New Roman, or Helvetica)
  • double spaced
  • normal margins (1 inch or less)

THREE required paragraphs:

  • Paragraph one:  summary of article
  • Paragraph two:  discuss applications/techniques (using the ALA document for comparison)
  • Paragraph three:  personal implications/relevance

To receive 1 additional faculty development credit, submit the same paper to the Director of Faculty Development.

Step I:       Read article.

Step II:      Reflect on what you read.

Step III:     Type critique using (3) required paragraphs.

Step IV:    Attach Faculty Development Form to front of critique.

Step V:     Submit to the Director of Faculty Development.

Step VI:    Receive 1 credit hour of Faculty Development.

**Kicker – Your research assignment and rubric may also be used to help you complete your required Faculty Portfolio**

Evidence of Student Learning (must include at least two)

  • Sample of graded pre or post test
  • Samples of student work – progression over time
  • Graded work samples from both strong and at-risk students
  • Scored assignment with accompanying scored rubric.
  • Sample of required research assignment.

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