Military Veterans Resource Center

Mission Statement

 We provide individualized career services to veterans who served honorably and are experiencing life transitions that affect their short and long tern employability.

 Unemployment and underemployment do not occur in a vacuum. There are many barriers that can affect a veteran’s employability, including physical or mental health issues, homelessness, felony convictions, family problems, financial burdens, a lack of skills or a poor understanding of what it takes to get and keep a job.

 Military Veterans Resource Center helps veterans identify the barriers that affect their employability and gain access to the resources that will help them overcome those barriers. This may include skills training, counseling, job readiness coaching or supportive services assistance. These resources may be accessed through Military Veterans Resource Center or our partnerships with veterans service organizations, private social service agencies or state/federal agencies.

 Cindy Alfaro
Career Coach
Military Veterans Resource Center
914 Ross Avenue
Hamilton, Ohio 45013

855.557.8387 x112 Toll Free


 Web Address:

United States Navy/Naval Reserve Veteran


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