New Year’s Resolutions 2014

The following Brown Mackie College Cincinnati students completed the January 2014 SMART New Year’s Resolution: S = Specific, M = Measurable, A = Attainable, R = Realistic, and T = Timely.  The number one resolution for all students is to complete their program and graduate from Brown Mackie College on time.  Students could have added nine more additional resolutions.

January 7, 2014

Shamica Springs: Have fun and pass class.

Gloria Allen: Live life daily and gain custody of my grand children.

N. Jennings: Find a better paying job.  Relocate to a different apartment or city.  Submit.  Make sure on time for school and work. Continue to believe in myself.  Continue to be a good person and mother.   Make decisions wisely.   Don’t over think on any situation.  Buy a new car!!!!!!

Madison Cobb: Lose at least 30 pounds this year.  Keep making the Dean’s List.  Keep not smoking (2 weeks now).  Be closer to family.  Make healthier choices.  Do things for myself.  Land a paralegal job when I leave.  Keep working for current attorney.  Reconnect with friends.

Shonda Clide: Give God all the glory and praise.

Theresa Griffith: Keep my grades up.  Get a good paying job to support myself and my children.  Be financially stable!!! Use my learned skills to help others.  Quit smoking cigarettes by June!!  Take my kids to Disney World.  Remain on the Dean’s List.

Deborah Broermann: Complete current class with an “A”.  Complete all assignments.  Create a resume.  Prepare for externship which I have in February.  Study more for certification exam.

Andrea Stroud: Come to class everyday.  Be on time – no more missing any days.  Take care of my family first then business.  Find me a good job I like.  Pass all my classes with a B or A.  Get help for class if I need it.  Save money and pay off bills.  Go with my first instance and say what’s on my mind.  Keep my grades up.  Go back to school for a different degree when I’m done with Medical Assisting.

Lorena Garr: Come to class as scheduled.  Work ahead of schedule.  Study outside of school.  Maintain an A or B average.  Learn as much as possible about my career.  Keep good rapport with staff and students.  Stop smoking within 6 months without gaining weight.  Get a job.  Be a positive person.

Marily Goldman: Come to class faithfully.  Do my work assignments on time.  Maintain my grade point average.  Looking forward to my externship this March.  Looking foraward to the actual graduation ceremony in September.  I have waited a long time to go to college.  I always wanted more for myself.  I am considering going for a bachelor’s degree.  Become an EKG tech.


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