Our Veterans

Student Veterans of America

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An Approved Chapter of Student Veterans of America

SVA Advisor

Charles W. King

Director of Career Services

Jobs for Vets

BMCCI Veteran Video


Steve Berrios                           Kevin Ferguson                       Peter Raps

Justin Birkenshaw                   Earl Flynn                               David Reed

Brian Boehnlein                      David Goff                             Brian Reese

Jonathan Brown                      Philip Haglund                        *Mike Revis

Erik Burnside                          Keith Johnson                         Shanta Sain

Dante Carr                              Amory Justice                         Leonard Sutton

*Kevin Corey                          Joseph Kennedy                      Jameis Taylor

Terri Croswait                         *Bonita King                          Tori Thomas

John Daniels                            *Charles King                         *Karla Tolbert

*Orlando Duane                     *Thomas Madry                      Brian Torres

Chris Evans                             Brandon Minor                       Wridder Wagoner

John Farley                              Tammy Pablo                          *David Wells


Justin Birkenshaw                   John Farley                              Brandon Minor

Brian Boehnlein                      Keith Johnson                         Mike Revis

Kevin Corey                            Joseph Kennedy                      Brian Torres


Steve Berrios                           Orlando Duane                       Leonard Sutton

Erik Burnside                          Earl Flynn                               Wridder Wagoner

Terri Croswait                         Charles King

Air Force

*Gerald Lindahl                      Edward Smith

Army National Guard

David Goff                             Amory Justice                         Jameis Taylor


Military Veterans Resource Centertiny mvrc 01242014

Ohio Veterans


Veterans” Student Loan Relief Fund

Viet Nam Veteran Scholarship

Vet Videos

I will not bow


 Greenwood-God Bless the USA


 Warrior song



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