Patron Persistence Recognition 2013

                                                             Shaquanna Davis


College Major: Medical Assisting

Degree: Associates Applied Science

The wonderful people that work in the library with the software they offer helped me be successful in my studies.  I reenrolled at the college to earn a Bachelor Degree in Healthcare Management.  My goal is to be a director at my current job.

Saundra Moultry-Morgan


College Major: Healthcare Administration

Degree: Associate of Applied Sciences

I have used the library immensely over the past two years to do numerous research papers and for typing/responding to threaded discussions.  While working full time in the healthcare industry, I plan to obtain my Bachelor Degree and then my Master’s.  I hope to become a director of healthcare administration.  I believe if the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.  It’s not over until I win!

Cecile J. Freemond-Brown


College Degree: Medical Assisting

Degree: Associate in Applied Science

Librarians have been very helpful with any questions.  They have also been helpful with resource information.  My career aspiration is to eventually work in phlebotomy in Puerto Rico so I can have the best of both worlds – a rewarding career in a beautiful setting.

Carlton Thomas


College Major: Architectural Drafting and Design Technology

Degree: Applied Science

I would come to the library to complete computer assignments and sometimes study for exams.  I plan to be a designer for an architectural firm.

Mary Ann Ballman


College Major: Healthcare Administration

Degree: Associate of Applied Science

The availability of resources, a friendly and helpful staff, and convenient library hours helped me in my studies.  I plan to continue to help people get the healthcare they need and maybe change a few lives for the “Better”.

Katherine Freeman


College Major: Business Management

Degree: Associate Applied Science

The library has helped me with research and accessibility to a computer and internet when I want it.  There is always a friendly smile from whoever is at the circulation desk.  I plan to own my own business.


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