Pet Picture Month

The dog days of summer are the pet days of summer.  Send your pet or you and your pet’s jpeg image to

  Include pet’s name, your name and major.

Dog Roscoe 08122013

Kimberly Miller is a Vet Tech Major.  Kim’s dog Roscoe helps her do homework.

Dog Tucker 08122013Kathryn Wong is the Assistant Manager of the College Supply Store.

Tucker was the family dog – RIP.

Dog Pooches 08122013

Morgan Janzen is an ECE major. Here’s Pooches!

 Dog Maggie 08132013

Jeff Winkelman, AVP instructor and iPad Champion,

has Maggie looking off into the clear blue skies – Peace.

Cats kittensatplay-MOTIONJon Scharf, Assistant Librarian, two cats Luna (black)  and

Tiger (striped) wrestling . . . . Grrrrr . . . . Meow! 

Click on cats to get motion.

Cat Buster 08142013

Jennifer Edwards of Student Financial Services cat Buster

hanging out in the bathroom sink – Cozy.

Dog Nyla sitting 08192013Dog Nyla car 08192013

Jermaine Watts, Student Financial Services Advisor, has

Nyla on the left and right.  Cutie Melo is dead center!

Cats Eros and Ruby 08192013

Katie Marshall is a Veterinary Technology major.

Her cats Eros and Rub are lounging luxuriously.  

Dog Nesta 08192013Dog Nesta being held 08192013

Shawn Randolph is an Architectural Drafting and Design major. Nesta is enjoying time in the grass and happy being held.

Dog Lab 08192013

Dogs Lab and Chihuaha 08192013

Dog Chihuaha 08192013

Michelle Caudill’s major is Accounting.

Her Maddie Girl (Chihuahua) and Benny Boy (Golden Retriever) are so adorable.


Dog Lola 08262013

 Victoria Gnitke is a  Medical Assistant major.

Her Lola, oh oh oh oh Lola!

black and white notes


Dog Xena 08262013

Heather Pettigrew is a Criminal Justice major.

Xena keeps a watchful eye on everything.



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