Academic Advising

Academic Advising Mission Statement

A partnership between student, advisor, and institution to support and assist the student toward academic success by developing a plan to reach educational and professional goals within the framework of institutional policies and degree requirements.

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Advisor: – Practical Nursing, Business Management, Accounting, Early Childhood Education, Veterinary Technology

Advisor: Glenna Abney – Health Care Administration, Surgical Technology, Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Biomedical Equipment Technology

Advisor:  – Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Information Technology, Computer Networking, Office Management, Audio Video Production, Architectural Drafting & Design

How can you reach your Academic Advisor?

Names/Phones/ E-Mails:

Glenna M. Abney   672-1981


Our office is located on the first floor next to the Nursing Dept.


Monday – Thursday

8:00 a.m.—8:00 pm

Friday 8:00am—5:00 pm



11:00 am- 8:00 pm

Tuesday- Friday

8:00 am- 5:00 pm

(Hours may occasionally vary)

Question: Are there any Academic Advisors available in the evening?

Answer: One Academic Advisor is scheduled to be here during regular night classes. Please feel free to ask them questions, even if they are not your Academic Advisor.

  • Monday through Friday  – Glenna Abney

What other services can your advisors offer students?

  • Student IDs
    • Advisors issue student IDs
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP)
    • A confidential and voluntary counseling referral service
    • Free of charge to students
    • Counseling Services include
      • Anxiety, stress, depression
      • Anger management
      • Drug or alcohol abuse
      • Abusive relationships
      • Home Life – School – Work Balance
    • Contact: 1-800-326-6142  anytime
  • Student Health Insurance
    • Provider: Collegiate Insurance  Resources
    • The company also offer options for dental, vision, property, and international travel insurance
    • Website: Brown Mackie College
  • Cheap Refurbished Computers
    • By Cincinnati Computer Cooperative (C3)
    • C3 offers computers for home program for students at low income families and senior citizens
    • Basic computer system: $75, tax included
    • Deluxe Computer System: $150, tax included
  • Compass Exams
  • Review  student scores


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