Career Services

Career Services Do’s and Don’ts (BMC 4Q Career Connections Newsletter)

Here are the keys to getting the most from your Career Services office.  Follow these simple rules and you’ll maximize the resources and advice from these professionals.

Do visit the Career Services early in your college career.

Do come in willing to take suggestions and constructive feedback on your resume.

Do tell your Career Advisor about your values, goals, and aspirations.  These aspects of yourself can greatly affect your career decision-making process.

Do take advantage of all programs offered by Career Services so you can connect with professionals.  These professionals can be valuable resources for information, interviews, internships, externships, and possible full-time positions.

Do go to workshops starting your first year.  Get in early, meet the staff, and start developing your career early on.

Do read Career Connections, the publication printed by Career Services.

Do visit the Career Center before you begin an internship or job search to become familiar with the center.

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin the search.

Don’t expect Career Services to “hand you” a job.  Job searching is hard work and requires much effort on your part.

Don’t expect Career Services to write your resumes and cover letters for you.

Don’t come in for suggestions and advice on your resume if you aren’t open-minded enough to accept them.

Help with resume writing and cover letters can be found at  If you are a first-time user to the site, ask your Career Services Advisor for the password.

Charles King           Career Services Director  513.672.1580

Serving:  IT, Architectural Design & Drafting

For further assistance in job searching and resume writing with a cover letter contact:

Erica Okere                     Career Services Advisor 513.672.1946

Serving: Accounting/Accounting Diploma, Criminal Justice/Criminal Justice Diploma, Paralegal, Business Management, Early Childhood Education, Vet Tech

Angela Garrison         Career Services Advisor 513.672.1581 

Serving: Medical Assisting/Medical Assisting Diploma, Pharmacy Technology, Computer Networking, Computer Networking Certificate, Audio Visual Production/Audio Visual Production Diploma

Angela Ellis                    Career Services Advisor 513.672. 1901

Serving:  Biomedical Equipment, Healthcare Administration, Surgical Technology, Practical Nursing/Practical Nursing Diploma

Career Services FAQ

Let’s Get To Work!

Career Services is YOUR resource for YOUR Professional Development!

  • Job Leads/Career Leads/Job Search Strategy
  • Resume writing resources, review and critique
  • Mock interviews and career counseling for pending graduates, Dress for Success referrals
  • Monthly Workshops for your continuous Professional Development
  • Monthly On-campus recruiters/employers in the lobby and two Job Fairs each year

Career Services Advisors Additional Information

  • Angela Garrison, Career Services Advisor – Angela has worked with clients on business development and staffing various accounting and finance positions.   Her experise in networking events, recruiting, interviewing potential candidates, and working with recruits to match them with the right positions is an asset for students.
  • Erica Okere, Career Services Advisor – Erica has extensive experience in banking, finance, sales, and business management.  She will put her drive and ambition to work by assisting you in finding the professional position that makes the most (dollars) and ‘cents’ for you!
  • Angela Ellis, Career Services Advisor – Angela has experience in travel, hospitality, and scholastic industries.  She will help fine tune your resume and assist you in properly completing an application so you can get to work!


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