Student Services FYI

Question: What is the school’s contact information?
Brown Mackie College – Cincinnati
1011 Glendale-Milford Road
Cincinnati, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 771-2424
Fax: (513) 771-3413

Question: What is the school’s attendance policy?

  • If a day student at the main campus misses five consecutive days, they will be in violation of the attendance policy.
  • If a day student at the Norwood location misses four consecutive days, they will be in violation.
  • If a night student at either campus misses four consecutive days, they will be in violation.
  • If you are a nursing student, please speak with Sarah VanOver in the student records office, as the attendance policy differs for each class.
  • If any student misses the first two consecutive days of a new course, they will automatically be in violation.

Question: What happens if a student misses more days than allowed?

A student may appeal the attendance policy. The student would need to see their Academic Advisor to start this process.


Question: What is the e-college website?

e-college must now be accessed through the student portal.

Question: What is the website for my student portal?

Question: What is the difference between the student portal and

The student sets up their student portal account. E-college is automatically set up for the student. The student portal gives you access to you personal account information, schedule, financial aid account, etc. E-college gives you access to the online portion of your class. You can use it to take quizzes, tests, turn in homework, participate in discussions, etc.

Question: How do I set up my student portal?

If for some reason you were not in class for portal training, you will need the instruction booklet located in student records. You will also need you student number and pin. Please see Cathy Frazier in the Student Records office for any questions concerning the portal.

Question: I’m trying to set up my student portal and it’s asking me for a pin number. What is my pin number?

Each student’s pin number is automatically pre-set to the last four digits of their social security number. If this isn’t working, try using 1000. If you continue to have problems, see Cathy Frazier in the Student Records office.


Question: I’m having trouble accessing my e-college?

Remember that your e-college is accessed using your student i.d. number, as the login i.d. and the password, unless you’ve changed it should be brownmackie. Please see Katherine Thompson in the Student Records office for any questions concerning your
e-college account.

Question: How do I change my major?
In order to change your major, you must first check with someone in the financial aid office to see when your quarter ends. You must be at the end of your financial aid quarter to change your major. You must then meet with Courtney Tenbosch or Kyla Evans in Student Records to start the process.

Question: How do I change my shift?

Shift changes should be filled out before the end of the month and will be processed before your next course begins. Come to student records to fill out the shift change form.

Question: How do I change my address, telephone or e-mail address?

You can change this information using your student portal or you can come into student records and fill out a Change of Status form.

Question: How do I let someone else gain access to my personal information?

If you would like a parent, spouse, or anyone else to have access to your records, you must come to student records and complete a FERPA form.


Question: Where do I go to get my student I.D.?

Student I.D.’s for any program other than Practical Nursing can be obtained by visiting Mike Davis, Academic Advisor. Practical Nursing students must see Andrea Spruiell, Practical Nursing Administrative Assistant.

Question: How do I get transfer credits from another school to transfer to Brown Mackie?

It’s the student’s responsibility to contact their previous school(s) and request that they send a copy of their official transcripts to Brown Mackie. When Brown Mackie receives your transcripts, your credits will be evaluated to see if any qualify as transfer credits. Please refer to page 13 of the 2009-2010 academic catalogs for more details. Contact Kyla Evans in Student Records if you have further questions.

Question: What if I can’t remember my password and/or get locked out when signing onto a computer?

Come to student records and present a form of i.d. and we can unlock and reset your password.

Question: Who is my Academic Advisor?
Advisor: Glenna Abney – Health Care Administration, Surgical Technology, Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Biomedical Equipment Technology
Advisor: Mike Davis – Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Information Technology, Computer Networking, Office Management, Audio Video Production, Architectural Drafting & Design
Advisor: Jerry Fairall – AVP, Business Management, Accounting, Early Childhood Education, Veterinary Technology
Advisor: Carol Smith Prince – Practical Nursing


Question: Are there any Academic Advisors available in the evening?

One Academic Advisor is scheduled to be here during regular night classes. Please feel free to ask them questions, even if they are not your Academic Advisor.

  • Monday – Mike Davis
  • Tuesday – Glenna Abney
  • Thursday – Jerry Fairall

Question: What is the school code?

There are now 2 school codes, 005127, and 040513.

Question: What is Sallie Mae’s phone number?


Question: When will I be scheduled for my next class after Professional Development (CF1100)?

Before you can be scheduled for your next class, you are required to take the Compass test to determine whether you need to be enrolled in any transitional courses. After you’ve completed the Compass test, you will be scheduled accordingly.

Questions: Does Brown Mackie offer any scholarships?

Brown Mackie has an Education Scholarship Foundation offering internal scholarships to eligible students. Please see a Financial Aid Officer for more information.


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